Fire protection with UMID water mist technology

The patented UMID nozzles saturate the air with very fine droplets in a very short time and are therefore suitable for use as stationary water mist extinguishing systems. Due to the atomisation, the specific surface area of the water leaving the nozzle is increased many times over and quickly led to the seat of fire. Of the fire triangle, the factors oxygen and temperature are effectively addressed.

Effect 1: Evaporation

The evaporation in contact with the fire increases the volume of the water mist droplets by a factor of 1600 and thus removes the oxygen from the fire.

Effect 2: Cooling

The cooling effect removes a great deal of heat from the area surrounding the fire and from the fire surface itself. Naturally, the radiation heat is also damped.

Advantages UMID misting systems for fire fighting:

  • Prevents the fire from spreading
  • Protects escape routes and shields heat radiation
  • Little water damage
  • Binds smoke and toxic gases and prevents them from spreading
  • Reaches hidden sources of fire
  • Low investment costs
  • No costs and pollution caused by harmful extinguishing agents
  • Reduces extinguishing water supply