Vibration technology

VDL Groep has been a leading Dutch manufacturer of vibratory conveyors for many years, which are used for various purposes. We design and produce various types of imbalance vibrating tables / vibrating troughs / tube vibrators / vibrating sieves for many industrial applications. Because we have complete control over the entire process including engineering, sheet metal working, machining, welding, glass bead
blasting up to assembly and installation, we have excellent control over the lead times.

In our factory we have a test set-up for testing purposes, which gives us the opportunity to test products on the vibration equipment. In that way we can find the best solutions!

Functions of vibrating conveyors


Achieving pre-set demands for powders and granulated products can mean pre-packaging or pre-processing sieving. In these cases certain fractions need to be removed out of the product flow.


For damage-free precision dosing, it is best to use a start/stop or controlled frequency dosing vibrator. Use of magnet-driven vibrators makes it easy to control the dosing speed.


A spreading vibrator is used to spread out products from a narrow to a wider vibrator. This type makes low-damage and hygienic transport much easier, compared to conveying belt systems. Widening can be done linearly, but also angularly, so that transporting around corners is possible. Spreading vibrators can be specially designed regarding you plant lay-out.


Vibrators can be used for transporting different kinds of products that need to be conveyed in an hygienic and efficient way. For example animal feed or powders. These vibrators can be positioned in different process areas within your plant. They can also be used for dosing into weighing- or conveying equipment.


Sorting food stuffs can be achieved in different ways, depending on the product. A sorting vibrator conveys the product along the length of the scupper, which is equipped with sorting decks with openings in different diameters.

Horizontal motion

This newly VDL developed Horizontal Motion Technique makes dosing even more easy. The scupper in which the product is deposited shifts the product horizontally in a repeating fashion, takes the product along and moves back rapidly underneath the product to its original position.


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Erik Schipper

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Marc Saris

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