HT-S rotary valve 

blauw-vinkje.png Many options available
blauw-vinkje.png External ball bearings
blauw-vinkje.png Can be used for differential pressures up to 0.4 bar
blauw-vinkje.png Interchangeable with HT250/350

Type HT-S rotary valve

Whether your company is active in animal feed, food, recycling, paper, plastics processing or any other industry, there is a good chance of finding an HT-S at work somewhere in your production line. HT-S valves are the workhorses in our valve range. Thanks to our wide range of rotor designs, conversions and options, it is almost impossible not to find the right valve for your situation. The HT-S is used in pneumatic transport for up
to a 0.4 bar differential pressure. But it also proves a powerful dosing valve under silos and bunkers even with abrasive and challenging products, thanks to its heavy rotor construction and external bearing.

Suitable as

For pressure differentials up to max. 0.5 bar and products with normal flow characteristics. For even heavier applications up to max. 1 bar differential pressure, it is better to choose an MD-EX.

Pressure shock resistant up to max. 2.5 bar (PU blades 1.7 bar).

The HT-S-EX dosing valve is very suitable for use as an airlock and economic release system in vacuum systems, in combination with suitable pressure relief.


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Size  : DN250 - DN 350
Rotor volume   : 6.5 to 35 liters

 : Cast iron, optional: hard chrome plated or nickel plating

Rotor  : Steel or stainless steel
Bearing  : External ball bearings 
Pressure difference  : 0.4 bar 



Jos Louwers

Sales coordinator