CO2 extinguishing systems


Firesafes and -slides




Fire protection

In the area of fire protection process, there are various options depending on the process and the intended purpose.
VDL Industrial Products provides tailor-made solutions for many industries. For example, we supply and install spark detection systems and water mist systems (Quick Suppression), with or without flame detectors. Some applications require special extinguishing agents such as food grade for the food industry or CO2 for filters with blasting dust.
For fire-resistant penetrations or closures, there are special fire dampers and sliders, suitable for product transport.











André Casteels

Sales engineer Belgium and Luxembourg

The power of VDL Industrial Products

Test installation

In order to provide you with the best possible service in your choice, our engineers have designed and constructed a test installation to test product properties in-house.


Dankzij de strategische samenwerking met verschillende installateurs en VDL zusterbedrijven kunt u als klant rekenen op een goede en adequate service. 


The R&D department of VDL Industrial Products is responsible for development of new products, realizing customer specific solutions and for improving existing products.


We only produce with the most modern machines and hand and robot welding processes, whereby we strive to carry out all operations within the VDL Groep. We take care of the last part of the production process ourselves to guarantee the quality of our products.