Animal housing climate

Livestock and poultry can experience heat stress under the influence of the barn climate, especially when the barn temperature increases in combination with high relative humidity, self-regulation becomes a problem. It is therefore important to control the conditions well. Chickens, for example, have no sweat glands and are therefore dependent on the air movement around them and their breathing for cooling. Cows with heat stress produce less milk and, like pigs, they also exhibit symptoms that can last a long time.

UMID system for animal housing

It is well known that the finer the fog, the greater the cooling effect. With the UMID system, you have a unique patented nozzle that provides a homogenous drop distribution and still produces very fine drops at low pressure. Conventional nozzles work on the principle that the water is pressed with high pressure through a nozzle or against a pin which creates the spray pattern. The UMID nozzle design was inspired by looking at the tornado in nature. As a result, the UMID system has a very low internal resistance. The required pump pressure and therefore the energy consumption is therefore lower than with other systems.

Advantages of the UMID system

  • Fine and homogenous droplet distribution
  • A high-quality fog at lower pressure, thus saving energy
  • No dripping

Further applications