Adiabatic cooling and climate control with the UMID® fog system

The UMID fogging system excels with the unique patented nozzle in adiabatic cooling systems. Due to the homogeneous and smallest possible droplet distribution, the cooling effect is optimal due to the joint surface of the mist droplets. This is often only feasible with high pressure, but still the droplet pattern is poor in many nozzles. With the VDL fogging system however, it can be under 40 bar pressure with low energy consumption. The nozzles do not leak or clogg.

Tailored solutions

The possibilities of application in greenhouses for horticulture are sublime. Additives can be perfectly dosed for disinfection, fertilization or pest control. Control of the relative humidity can be customised with minimal water consumption. The UMID fogging system can be also used to effectively to cool industrial components like air cooled condensors for performance improvement. Also air conditioning units and chiller systems benefit from fogging which makes them more effective as they reduce the temperature by up to 10ºC. See the potential, the area between the red en blue line, indicated in the diagram.

Diagram fog system



  • Controlling humidity and cooling in horticulture
  • Adiabatic cooling and disinfection in stables
  • Cooling with water mist for industrial (steam) condensers

UMID fog system for adiabatic cooling:

  • Unique patented UMID nozzle for most efficient energy exchange
  • Combination with extremely precise horticultural disinfection
  • Low power consumption due to low pressure
  • Combination with climate computers
  • Delivery customised complete skids