blauw-vinkje.png Customisation
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blauw-vinkje.png Special coatings
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VDL Industrial Products is a proactive partner, offering you the best possible solution for your unique situation. We have already built and delivered special valve designs for a great many customers and clients. Some examples include valves of different dimensions, or smaller or larger models as compared to the standard range of valves. Depending on the series size, a cast or welded steel or stainless steel construction can be used for the housing. Round, rectangular or square connection flanges are possible.


You may also have special requests for valve durability or higherquality material usage in order to extend the service life. This can include housing sleeves, lids or, for example, a rotor with a wearresistant coating. In addition, the shaft seal can be composed of
special materials or ingenious constructions, further increasing its level of high-quality.

If you require a hygienic valve design, it is possible to provide special non-stick coatings to prevent the products from sticking, or another option could include polished stainless steel rotors. In addition, we are also able to supply a large number of ''quick-disassembly'' or ''quick-clean'’ valve versions from our range.

There are also countless possibilities when it comes to drives. For example, valves are often supplied with a variant consisting of a motor bracket, coupling and gearmotor, but nowadays we are supplying more and more valves with a direct drive where the valve is mounted directly onto the shaft with an angled or parallel flange gearmotor. Easy installation and convenient maintenance are the starting points. Creating suitable versions for frequency control or gearmotors with built-in frequency control and operations are also possible.

In short, there are a myriad of options for customising valves for your unique situation and special requests. Our engineers constantly strive to develop the best possible concept to you, using the knowledge, skills and designs already at our fingertips. We always aim to translate your input into a high-quality, yet cost-effective solution, taking full advantage of our modular concept where possible.