MD-EX rotary valve 

blauw-vinkje.png Many rotor variants
blauw-vinkje.png High filling ratio
blauw-vinkje.png Minimal air leakage and product damage
blauw-vinkje.png Explosion proof and flame proof up to 1.7 bar 
        (PU blades) and 2.5 bar 
        (steel/stainless steel blades)

Type MD-EX Rotary valve

Are you looking for a rotary valve that can be used in an EX environment, but which also has higher pressure differences of up to approx. 1 bar? The MD-EX rotary valve range offers you a suitable solution. These very robust valves combine a high degree of filling with minimal product damage due to their construction, so that a smaller valve is sufficient. Maintenance friendliness has also been taken into account right from the design of the MD valve, through the use of, among other things, maintenance-free external ball bearings and adjustable stuffing box gaskets, a direct flange drive, an easily detachable rotor and standard PN 10 connection flanges.

The MD-EX rotary valve is certified according to the ATEX regulations according to EX II 1D/...
Externally, either a certified ATEX II 2/3D drive or an non-zoned motor can be chosen.

Suitable as

The MD-EX is the best choice for heavy duty applications, with difficult flowing products up to 1 bar pressure difference.

Pressure shock resistant up to max. 2.5 bar (PU blades 1.7 bar)


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Size : DN150 - DN200 - DN250 - DN300
Rotor volume : 3 to 37 liters
House : Cast iron, optional hard chrome plated or nickel plated

: Steel or stainless steel with 8 chambers and fixed metal 
  blades or interchangeable PU blades 

Bearing : External maintenance-free ball bearings with
  gland packings
EX : Explosion proof and flame proof up to 1.7 bar (PU blades)
  and up to 2.5 bar (steel/stainless steel blades)


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