VDL UMID® fog system - Our nozzles make all the difference!

VDL Industrial Products uses unique, patented nozzles for the atomization of water (or other liquids with the same viscosity) for its fogging system with only minimal pressure (30-45 bar) compared to other systems. The very high rotation speed of the water column in the nozzle enables, through the kinetic energy at the exit of the nozzle, the finest homogeneous atomisation at the lowest possible pressure. The high-quality materials and precision engineering guarantee long and largely maintenance-free operation. In contrast to conventional nozzles, the unique design of the VDL nozzle prevents clogging of the spray channel. VDL guarantees a long life with minimal maintenance costs.

VDL-Nozzle-1.jpgConsistant fineness of the droplets determines the quality of the fog

The VDL misting systems are therefore suited for the most challenging applications in cooling, climate control and disinfection.

Complete customised systems delivery

The VDL UMID® system is a fogging system with high-quality patented nozzles that can be adapted to any specific application. The system typically consists of: control unit, pump with water treatment, monitoring sensor inputs, nozzles and ductwork. The installation is easy and simple with clips and pressfittings.


Infographic VDL UMID nozzle

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