NEW:  HT-S Easy Clean rotary valve

blauw-vinkje.png Foodgrade
blauw-vinkje.png Stainless steel AISI316 rotor, casted in one piece
blauw-vinkje.png Stainless steel slide with aluminum bearing housings
blauw-vinkje.png Suited for pressure differentials up to approx. 0.4 bar
blauw-vinkje.png No adjusting needed afterwards
blauw-vinkje.png No drive dismount needed when cleaning

Type HT-S Easy Clean rotary valve

Many of you know this problem. Again and again your rotary valve has to be fully dismounted and cleaned, because a new medium has to be processed  and you want to prevent contamination of your product flow. To avoid this annoying and often costly task, VDL has developed a new, quick-disassembly version of its well-known HT-S rotary valve.
This HT-S Easy Clean valve combines the qualities of the HT-S with a high level of efficiency in cleaning because the rotor can be removed and repositioned in an easy manner, without tools.

Suitable as

Drop-through valve for use as an air lock in high vacuum
systems and dosing valve under silos and bunkers.

Suitable for the transport of powders and granulates with medium pressure differences.

This rotary valve can also be used for pigment powders, where it is important that after each batch or color change, the entire installation, including the valve, is easy to clean. This way, no color can remain that could lead to mixing with the next batch.


Version Easy Clean

Size  : DN250 (DN350 follows)
Rotor volume   : 7 (20 liter follows)
House  : In- and outside fully nickel plated, foodgrade
Rotor  : Stainless steel AISI316 rotor, casted in one piece
Bearing  : Stainless steel slide with aluminum bearing housings
Pressure difference  : 0.4 bar 

        An Easy Clean version of the HT-350S and MD rotary valves will follow soon!       

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Jos Louwers

Sales coordinator