UPR rotary valve

blauw-vinkje.png Many rotor varieties
blauw-vinkje.png Standard with external supports with ball bearings 
blauw-vinkje.png Fitted with PN10 flanges
blauw-vinkje.png Hoge density

Type UPR drop through valve 

The UPR rotary valve has been designed to handle plastic flakes and granulates under heavy circumstances.
The special shaped inlet prevents jamming of the product, and the specific external bearing construction makes handling and maintenance very efficient. Max. differential pressure: 1 bar.

Suitable as

The valve type UPR has been specially developed for dosing and pneumatic conveying with low or medium pressure.

Products such as plastic pellets, fibrous and splinter-shaped products especially in the recycling industry. The special inlet, rotor and special adaptations in other areas reduce the risk of jamming of the product to be conveyed between rotor and housing.


Size : DN 200 - DN 250 - DN 300
Rotor volume : 8 to 38 litres
Body and cover : Cast iron, various treatments possible
Rotor : Steel or AISI 304
Bearing : External ball bearings and gland packings
Pressure difference : 1 bar