Dust control with the UMID® fog system

Of course, dust extraction systems are very effective at extracting dust and material at the source. But this is not in all cases the most practical solution and sometimes even quite expensive. The UMID misting system can be a good alternative or addition, especially where it is difficult to extract at the source. In this way, a healthy and pleasant working environment is achieved.

Effective water mist with the unique UMID nozzle

When using dust suppression, it is important that the miniscule water droplets combine with dust particles. In addition, the diameter of an individual droplet is important, it must approach the diameter of the dust particle. The method by which the mist is created is therefore of great importance. For industrial applications, this high-quality VDL nozzle lends itself to the most challenging tasks. The fine water mist adhere to the harmful dust particles and due to their weight they fall out of the air. This not only improves the breathing climate. The fragrance-binding properties can provide the legally desired solution while dust binding even meets the industry's requirements for antistatic spaces.



  • Recycling and bulk processing
  • Livestock farming
  • Stables, riding schools
  • Paper and tissue industry

UMID® fog systems for dust suppression and odour control:

  • Unique patented UMID nozzles for the effective dust suppression
  • Low power consumption due to low needed pressure
  • Minimises loads on filter bags 
  • Minimal water consumption, no wetting
  • Homogeneous microscopic droplets
  • Improvement of respiratory conditions
  • Customised control unit
  • Complete skid delivery to installers and end users




Industrial dust control

For common applications such as overfill points, screens and storage bunkers, the fogging system allows you to create a healthier and cleaner working environment. Minimise the explosion rate and save on expensive filter materials.