To achieve a high-quality product and quantitative objectives, an optimal greenhouse climate is important. You can optimise the control of humidity and temperature by installing a high-quality fogging system. The UMID system distinguishes itself from others through its unique, patented nozzle that produces a high-quality spray pattern. This is because it produces a homogenous distribution of very small droplets, which all evaporate before reaching the crop. Conventional nozzles work on the principle that the water is forced with high pressure through a nozzle or against a pin which creates the spray pattern. The nozzle design is inspired by looking at the tornado in nature. As a result, the UMID system has a very low internal resistance. The required pump pressure and therefore the energy consumption is therefore lower compared to other systems.

Advantages of the UMID system

  • Optimal control of air humidity and temperature
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Keeping CO2 in the greenhouse through less ventilation
  • Low energy consumption

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