SMD dosing valve

blauw-vinkje.png All contact parts stainless steel
blauw-vinkje.png Hygienic design
blauw-vinkje.png Food-safe
blauw-vinkje.png EHEDG compliant
blauw-vinkje.png Minimal air leakage
blauw-vinkje.png Suitable for pressure differences up to approx. 1 bar

Type SMD stainless steel dosing valves

Drop-through and dosing valve suitable for transporting both powdered and granular products. This valve is specially designed for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries (EHEDG compliant). The SMD series features a large inlet for optimal filling and low resistance, ideal for dosing. Also very suitable for pneumatic transport. Thanks to the different rotor designs, a wide range of products can be handled well. The direct drive and a glandpacking for the shaft seal result in a maintenance-friendly and reliable valve.


Size : DN150 - DN200 - DN250 - DN300
Rotorvolume : 3 up to 37 liter
Body : AISI 316
Rotor : AISI 316
Bearing : External maintenance-free ball bearings
Pressure difference  : Max. 1 bar

Discover the new SMD:

The SMD Easy Clean rotary valve has a
high level of efficiency in terms of
of cleaning, as the rotor can be easily removed and replaced without tools.
The valve has a stainless steel housing and rotor and is extremely suitable for foodstuffs and other sensitive products.

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