For decades, VDL Industrial Products has had suitable solutions for many industries and areas of application in the field of airlocks. In addition to our classics, we offer you various new products through targeted market research and continuous development by our R&D department. Our dosing valves are suitable for processing many types of dry substances and granules. Think of milk powder, sugar, cocoa, starch, flour, chemicals, pellets and wood pellets.



Type HT
max. difference of pressure:
0.05 bar
max. capacity: 55 m3/h
sizes: 250-350-450



Type HT-S
max. difference of pressure: 0.4 bar
max. capacity: 45 m3/h
sizes: 250-350-450



Type B-S/JK-S
max. capacity: 110 m3/h
sizes B-S:
sizes JK-S:


Type MD
max. difference of pressure: 1 bar
max. capacity: 45 m3/h
sizes: 150-200-250-300



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The power of VDL Industrial Products

Test installation

In order to provide you with the best possible service in your choice, our engineers have designed and constructed a test installation to test product properties in-house.


The R&D department of VDL Industrial Products is responsible for development of new products, realizing customer specific solutions and for improving existing products.


We only produce with the most modern machines and hand and robot welding processes, whereby we strive to carry out all operations within the VDL Groep. We take care of the last part of the production process ourselves to guarantee the quality of our products.


At VDL Industrial Products it is not just about delivering. VDL Industrial Products provides you with customer-oriented service with a focus on reliability and availability. You can also count on our technical support.